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Our Firm

Sweetbay Capital is a real estate private equity firm focused on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns through value-add multifamily investments in the southeastern United States

Sweetbay’s founders began investing in real estate together while working at a premier middle-market private equity firm in San Francisco. Through the acquisition of 5 properties in Columbia, SC from 2019-2021, they developed a strong relationship with a local broker that led to Sweetbay's first investment – The Retreat Columbia.

What We Offer

Multifamily Exposure in Attractive Markets

Sweetbay focuses on multifamily real estate assets with <250 units and clear value-add potential in Virginia and the Carolinas.

This segment is well-positioned to outperform other asset classes due to multiple secular tailwinds:

  • ​Prolonged shortage of affordable housing with most new supply being expensive, luxury apartments

  • Population and corporate migration to warmer states with lower tax rates, cheaper housing, and pro-business policies

  • Declining affordability of home ownership due to rising prices and interest rates, which have outpaced wage growth

  • Continued inflation in constructiocosts leading to higher replacement values

  • Relatively limited institutional and sophisticated competition vs. larger properties 

Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns

At Sweetbay, we deliver superior risk-adjusted returns through a combination of forced appreciation and consistent levered free cash flow.


We acquire properties that have been mismanaged, poorly maintained, or under-utilized and reposition them through renovations and professional management in order to optimize Net Operating Income, contributing to higher values at exit and more free cash flow in the interim.


This approach can offer upside similar to corporate private equity with cash yields resembling those available in private credit, a balance that allows multifamily investors to weather economic downturns by holding assets for cash flow until capital market conditions are favorable for exit. It also offers tax benefits unmatched by any other asset class.


Each investment undergoes a rigorous, conservative underwriting process informed by our principals' institutional alternative asset management training and expertise.

Our Values


We define partnership as a transparent, symbiotic relationship built on mutual trust, respect, and interests.

We believe that true partnership requires genuine transparency, a standard we hold ourselves to in every investor interaction.


Our most valuable asset is the trust our investors place in us, which we carefully guard through disciplined, rigorous, and conservative underwriting.

We view making a bad investment as far worse than missing a good opportunity and evaluate dozens of deals for each one we bid on.


The vast majority of our offers are rejected. While this can be discouraging, it highlights the value of those rare opportunities that meet our high standards.

We pride ourselves on our tenacity, resilience, and creativity in finding ways to make those rare deals work despite inevitable challenges and setbacks.


Behind the Design

Sweetbay’s name and logo are inspired by the Magnolia, the floorplan of the first units we acquired at The Retreat and a widely recognized symbol of the Southeast. The moon acknowledges the many late nights spent “moonlighting” as multifamily sponsors while also working full-time jobs.

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